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What To Save First After Water Damage To A Bella Vista Restaurant

11/16/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial What To Save First After Water Damage To A Bella Vista Restaurant Bella Vista Businesses Are Prepared for Water or Fire Damage with SERVPRO's ERP Plan

Moving Elements from the Water's Path Can Mitigate Damages

Water damage is the bane of any business owner. Leaks and spills happen so quickly, and the cleanup is often costly and time-consuming. Of course, the most important thing is to get your eatery’s doors open again as soon as possible. No customers equal no profits, which is not good for business. One of the most challenging points about leaking water is knowing what to save first. We at SERVPRO hope this short guide makes it easier to plan.
The critical concern after water damage to a Bella Vista business is saving things that are hard or particularly expensive to replace. You should begin with what is near the leak or spill, and also consider how far the water is likely to spread and what is in its projected path.
We recommend moving foodstuff out of the way immediately if you can. It goes without saying that fresh and even dried food do not fare well around water and rapidly become unfit for human consumption. Move foodstuffs out of the way before water damage occurs. Depending on the extent of the problem, moving to the next room might be sufficient, or you might need to carry them to a higher point in the building.
Paper records are another vital item to save, especially papers which do not have digital counterparts. It is possible to save water-logged books and papers via a process known as freeze-drying, but it is time-consuming. It is better to get the paper out of the way of the water if possible.
Although it is not nice to see furniture or carpets get waterlogged, they are not as hard to save as food or paper. Our IICRC-certified teams have the skills and equipment to extract water from rugs, carpeting, and upholstery.
SERVPRO recommends using our Emergency Ready Plan app to help you prepare for water damage and other emergencies. ERP is free to download and use, and helps you plan for disasters so that you and your staff know what to do. A pre-made plan means you can react more quickly and salvage more items.
For help with water leaks or spills in Rogers, Centerton, Berryville, Lowell and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties at (479) 787-7377 today.

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How SERVPRO Can Solve Preexisting Problems Along With Fire Damage in Rogers

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How SERVPRO Can Solve Preexisting Problems Along With Fire Damage in Rogers During fire damage remediation, some preexisting damage repair can be handled as well. Call SERVPRO to discuss the situation and the repair plans.

Our Technicians Handle Fire Damage Restoration as Well as Improvements on Your Home

Calling SERVPRO into your home in Rogers in the aftermath of fire damage can be very good for the structure's health. In addition to cleaning up and restoring the effects of the fire, we also provide a number of benefits and boons to your home as a natural or conscious part of our work. A restoration through us allows your home to reach a state of cleanliness, repair, and appearance unknown to it since the day it was built. Here are some ways we can help to spruce things up during our work.
The perfect excuse to start cleaning up your home may just be fire damage in Rogers. When we come through your home, we usually need to scrub and clean a large part of the area, removing dirt and grime from many sections of the home. If you like, you can also request our professional cleaning services, as well, for an efficient and solid clean-up job done around the building, not just in areas touched by the fire.
Repair Work
If your home had some amount of damages requiring repair before the fire, this might be the perfect opportunity to fix those preexisting damages. Our technicians are typically able to integrate preexisting issues into their work schedules, and can happily treat them just as they would structural damages from a fire. However, cleaning up the effects of the fire takes top priority in our job, so do not be surprised if we save these repairs until the end of the job.
Items Cleaning
We clean hundreds to thousands of individual objects in the average fire damage case, and from what SERVPRO technicians can tell, many of these belongings needed a cleaning long before they became coated in ash. If your belongings needed a thorough cleaning or refinishing before and just now got touched by fire damage, we can professionally clean and treat everything as needed.
SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties is a local provider of home damage mitigation and restoration services with a national organization at our backs. Call us at (479) 787-7377.

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The Top Methods And Tool Of Removing Moisture From Your Rogers Home

10/27/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage The Top Methods And Tool Of Removing Moisture From Your Rogers Home Water removal in Rogers is a wholesome undertaking.

Various Moisture Removal Strategies And Tools

Water removal in Rogers is a wholesome undertaking. It does not merely stop at the actual pumping out of the excess water. It also entails the drying of excess moisture that is left behind after a successful removal exercise. This should be a top concern to all households as it helps in mitigating the growth of molds, peeling off paints and weakening of carpets among other adverse side effects.

SERVPRO has been continuously carrying out water removals in Rogers for quite some time now. It hence understands the various techniques and tools that may be employed to actualize this feat at the household level. The company is also all the more very glad to share them out freely with the general public.

First, the company uses dehumidifiers to suck out excess water vapor from the surrounding atmosphere. This helps in reducing the likelihood that molds and fungi may grow. It also diminishes the likelihood that those who occupy the room may develop allergies or respiratory disorders.

Secondly, it carries out regular checks and inspections in the premises of its clients. This way, it is able to detect the likelihood of the occurrence of any water damages. This allows it to come up with the appropriate intervention mechanisms.

To completely rid floors of any traces of moisture, SERVPRO utilizes vacuum pumps for the job. This is because the pumps have been tested and proved to be pretty effective in sucking up such moisture to leave behind clean and dry surfaces.

We use mops and rags to manually rid surfaces of extra water. This is especially so in case there is no access to vacuum pumps, the area in question is small or the surfaces are uneven. Rags and mops also have the added benefit of reaching out to those otherwise hard-to-reach areas easily.

SERVPRO also opens windows as a final intervention mechanism. The reason underlying this is simple. When windows are opened, a gush of wind is often let in. This wind ‘blows’ away excess moisture and accelerates the pace of drying.

To be sure of the best results, you obviously need to involve us, SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties. We are based in the Springdale area but serve the entire adjacent communities. Talk to us by calling this line (479) 787-7377. We are eagerly waiting to hear from you!

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4 Myths About Mold Damage In Rogers

10/25/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation 4 Myths About Mold Damage In Rogers Mold and Fungus in Your Roger's Home is Not Welcome, Smile, Say "Cheese" and Call SERVPRO

SERVPRO Tip: Mold Remediation in Rogers Is Best Left to the Professionals

Mold damage is one of those topics that everyone seems to discuss online these days. There are many different articles, and even whole blogs, dedicated to the subject of mold – what it is, how it grows, whether it is dangerous and how to get rid of it. SERVPRO’s IICRC-certified technicians are knowledgeable about mold and fungus remediation, and we know many of our Rogers customers have seen some of the common myths about mold damage. That is why we are setting the record straight.

Homeowners in Rogers are right to be concerned about mold damage – fungal growth looks and smells unpleasant and can even cause structural damage to your home. However, it is useful to be aware of the myths surrounding mold, so you know what is right and what is not. Here are SERVPRO’s top 4 myths about mold.
1. All Mold Is Bad
Not all mold is dangerous. Blue cheese contains a type of fungus, and a species of mold is the source of penicillin. However, just because some mold is not harmful, that does not mean it is ok to have black or green fungus growing in your home!
2. A Small Amount Of Mold Is Nothing To Worry About
Many people think that if there is only a small amount of visible fungal growth, there is no problem (for example under the sink or around the bathroom baseboards.) However, even a small amount of mold might point to a more significant problem. First, seeing fungus means your home has the right conditions for it to grow especially excess moisture, and those conditions need tackling. Second, if a small colony grows, it can get bigger and spread to other parts of your home. There may already be significant hidden pockets of mold patches.
3. You Must Eradicate All Mold From Your Home
There is misinformation out there telling you to rid your home of all mold, right now! However, it is not possible to completely eradicate mold. The spores are omnipresent, and they are tiny enough that they can travel unseen throughout your home. That is why SERVPRO remediation does not focus on complete removal, but on drying out damp areas after extermination and containment, so the correct growing conditions are not present.
4. Mold Remediation Is An Easy DIY Job
The top myth our technicians hear is that mold remediation is easy to do yourself. Wiping away mold is not enough to prevent the problem recurring. Professional remediation includes setting up containment, using HEPA vacuums and negative air machines, and wearing protective equipment at all times. Professional remediation is safer and much more efficient than doing it yourself.
For help with fungal growth in Bentonville, Green Forest, Bella Vista and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of Benton / Carrol Counties at (479) 787-7377 today.

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Cleaning Methods For Fire Damage In Your Decatur Home

10/10/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Cleaning Methods For Fire Damage In Your Decatur Home Once a fire has ravaged your Decatur home from a frayed charging cord, you need the assistance of professionals to help you clean.

Cleaning Methods For Fire Damage

Fires from frayed phone charger cords are a real danger in Decatur homes. Many people are apt to wrap electrical tape around the cord when it becomes frayed. However, it is recommended just to unplug it and throw it away and purchase a new one. They are reasonable enough to do so, and continuing to use a frayed cord can cause the wires inside to touch and create sparks, igniting anything flammable nearby.

Once a fire has ravaged your Decatur home from a frayed charging cord, you need the assistance of professionals to help you clean up all the fire damage. SERVPRO is ready to assist you at any time, and our staff is trained and certified to know how to restore your home to its original condition in as little time as possible.

Restoring the contents of your home is usually less costly than replacing or refinishing them. SERVPRO professionals use various methods to clean the range of personal items in your home after a fire disaster.

We use dry cleaning for the removal of non-grease-based soils which are light to medium or to clean residues before wet cleaning. Dusters or cloths remove surface dust, and dry sponges and vacuuming can remove light debris and particulate soiling.

Wet cleaning is good for getting rid of more moderate to heavier residues, while spray and wipe wet cleaning involves applying a cleaning product with a spray bottle, then wiping it with a clean white towel.

Foam cleaning involves using the foam of a cleaning agent to clean items. It is primarily used for upholstery fabrics which could shrink or bleed when wet. Abrasive cleaning involves agitation of the surface we are cleaning. There are different ways we can agitate or abrade residues from a surface.

Immersion cleaning is good for materials which can hold up to being saturated with the cleaning product. SERVPRO technicians dip items into a bath of cleanser. The method can include ultrasonic cleaning in a special tank with water and cleaner. High-frequency sound waves into the reservoir make millions of bubbles, compressing and expanding molecules of liquid in the tank. The bubbles implode, creating very high temperatures and microscopic jet streams of fluid agitate and scrub contaminants from contents in the tank.

You can always rely on SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties to take care of your home after fire damage. We move fast to help you in the areas of Siloam Springs, Rogers, and Bella Vista after you contact us at (479) 787-7377.

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Rooms vs Common Areas in Water Damaged Hotels in Rogers

9/25/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Rooms vs Common Areas in Water Damaged Hotels in Rogers SERVPRO focuses first on common areas, such as the lobby, to keep your hotel functioning as normal as possible in the case of water damage.

Fast and Efficient Water Damage Restoration for Hotels

Be it the fault of a guest, employee, or no one at all, water damage in a hotel in Rogers is an unfortunate but common sight. Scores of small bathrooms and their appliances can break or overflow, sprinkler systems can malfunction, and storms can cause damage due to guest carelessness or simply through their vigor. Whatever the case, contacting SERVPRO ensures that the issue is resolved quickly, completely, and in compliance with government regulations and insurance.

We most commonly see water damage in Rogers' hotels centered in an individual room. Whether a guest left a window open for a storm, broke a bathroom appliance, or caused some other form of a mess, unique incidents shape our relationship with the majority of local hotels. These cases tend to handle very differently from residential jobs or even water damage to apartments, as hotel rooms have different plumbing standards and layouts and different types of appliances. A profile in the SERVPRO ERP system can help us a great deal, as it may allow us to view floor plans and unique features of each room. With this information, we can conduct cleanup and restoration faster and with fewer inquiries.

Water damage in lobbies and common areas, while less common, are often significantly more costly. Instead of a single room closing temporarily, an entire section of the hotel must often be shut down or have prices marked off. Sprinkler malfunctions and floods can cause some of the worst damage, thoroughly soaking carpets and wreaking havoc on certain electrical and decorative elements of the hotel. Should a hotel take damage in both rooms and common areas, our focus is first on the larger, more well-traveled common spaces to allow basic functionality to return to normal as quickly as possible.

SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties is quick to respond to local businesses' calls, bringing quality care and service when it is needed most. Contact us at (479) 787-7377 for our services.

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Actions to Help Prevent Mold Damage in Rogers

9/18/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Actions to Help Prevent Mold Damage in Rogers Rogers' Homeowners Battle Moisture and Mold Growth and then Call SERVPRO

SERVPRO Tips to Keep Mold Spores from Becoming a Problem

Mold is a mystery to most homeowners. While many know how dangerous it is for a home, few know how to protect against or stop its spread effectively. In truth, it is challenging to halt the spread of mold entirely, and no home is invulnerable even with the best safeguards in place. However, there are some things you can do to stop mold damage in Rogers, either on your own or with the help of a professional company like SERVPRO.
Mold-Resistant Paint
One of the most direct ways to help prevent mold damage in Rogers is to coat your home in mold-resistant paints and finishes. These special paints come in a variety of colors to complement your home, with the added benefit of providing a barrier between prospective mold spores and your walls. Give us a call to find out how SERVPRO can help to provide and apply a coat of mold-resistant paint to your home.
Seal Leaks and Tighten Pipes
While mold can grow without a source of water, this is uncommon. Most mold infestations we encounter are caused by a leak, flood, or spill in the home that allowed water to soak into a material it is not supposed to. Keep on top of leaks and water systems in your home to keep things dry and free of mold. Further, if your home ever takes water damage, be sure to call SERVPRO immediately to ensure no mold growth develops.
Keep Windows and Doors Closed
While open windows can add atmosphere to a home, leaving them open for long, unattended periods of time may invite mold into your home. In addition to increasing humidity, the wind can blow in liquid water, debris, and concentrated mold spores, potentially leading to a mold crisis in your home. Keep windows closed when you are out of the room, and this risk effectively disappears. Also, maintain your HVAC system, keep the filters changed and the ductwork clean.
SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties is available 24/7 to respond to your report of mold damage or infestation. Call us at (479) 787-7377.

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Stormy Days and Nights Can Cause Flood Damage to Your Rogers Home

9/13/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Stormy Days and Nights Can Cause Flood Damage to Your Rogers Home If your home experiences flood damage of any size after a storm, call SERVPRO to extract the water and restore your home.

Professional and Thorough Flood Damage Restoration Services

Weather comes with many surprises and not all bring pleasant clear blue skies to Rogers. Some can create beautiful days that turn stormy and full of lightning strikes, raining down on our heads. Hail can happen, also, and destroy or damage anything fragile hit by any of the ice hurling toward the ground.

Property owners in Rogers can find their residence with flood damage during one of these storms and in need of professionals who can skillfully remediate the damaged areas. At SERVPRO, we have the tools and equipment required, ensuring that no job is too complicated nor too mundane for us. Even slight flooding needs proper care to prevent further problems from developing.

When basements or crawl spaces flood, pump trucks effortlessly remove the excess water. As we reduce the amount of water in your home, we begin cleaning and sanitizing the surfaces of all loose items. We also take bedding and other textiles outdoors to air out from any encased moisture due to elevated humidity levels.

Once water extraction efforts are complete, we can then begin working on preventing problems involving microbial growth. Mold starts to grow in high-moisture areas in a short time – 48 to 72 hours can show significant spikes in mold populations in an enclosed area. Application of a growth inhibitor can save your property from this secondary kind of damage. This inhibitor is highly effective but also safe, once dry, around children and pets, so there is no reason to worry.

Other microscopic particulates produced when flood damage occurs within a home can cause problematic odors. These odors can linger and become more pronounced during elevated temperatures. Our Odor Control Technician (OCT) is highly skilled in the latest techniques that eliminate odors instead of masking them. Eliminating these smells prevents them from recurring.

SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties wants to assist our local families whenever there is a problem with flood damage involving their home. Keeping family homes intact and safe keeps our community vibrant and healthy. Our customers are our neighbors and highly valuable to us as individuals and as a company. We can be reached at any time, day or night, every day of the year. Contact us at (479) 787-7377 for assistance with any catastrophe.

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Preventing Water Damage in Your Bentonville Kitchen

8/24/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Preventing Water Damage in Your Bentonville Kitchen Keep your kitchen free from water damage by regularly checking for dishwasher leaks, drips under your sink, or moisture behind your refrigerator.

Checking for potential water damage problems in your kitchen

Although you frequently clean and use your kitchen, you could be neglecting the signs of warning indicating impending water damage and moisture. There are sources of moisture you can look for in your Bentonville home which could help you prevent water damage in high-risk areas.

All dishwashers leak if given enough time, creating massive water damage in your Bentonville kitchen. The main filter can be clogged and need prompt replacement. If your sink is overflowing, it is likely due to the dishwasher back-ups, which usually happens when the drain line is clogged. Inspect and clean the line regularly. Other indicators are warped, stained, or soft flooring materials around the dishwasher.

When you have had a dishwasher leak or any other leak in your kitchen, SERVPRO, an experienced water damage remediation company, can assist you with all the cleanup and repairs. We know that time is of the essence to prevent additional damage, and we do not waste any time after you contact us.

Regularly check under your sink as well. Get rid of anything you have stored in the sink cabinet and check for leaks. A drip in the sink trap could be a sign of drainage problems and needs to be repaired right away. A partially blocked drain could cause slow draining pipes around the sink. A faucet which is constantly dripping also needs to be fixed immediately. If sink seals are loose or cracked, replace them.

The area behind your refrigerator is difficult to reach, but a periodic inspection significantly reduces the change for problems which are water-related. Moisture behind the fridge is a big warning sign. Do not ignore any sign of leaks or moisture, and fix them right away or hire an appliance repair technician. If mold is spreading under the refrigerator, our SERVPRO technicians can take care of this before it gets worse. We find the source of moisture and make the necessary repairs.

When you have an ice maker in your fridge, check the hose connection to ensure it is sealed and attached securely to the water supply line. Don’t ignore leaks here, either.

SERVPRO of Benton/Carroll Counties is experienced and trained to handle any water damage in your kitchen, including mold growth. When you are in Bentonville, Bella Vista, or Rogers, you can reach us at any time just by dialing (479) 787-7377.

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Severe Storms Bring Floodwaters to Rogers

8/9/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Severe Storms Bring Floodwaters to Rogers Storms can bring a great deal of damage to your home and surroundings. Have SERVPRO on call for such an occasion to help deal with the mess.

SERVPRO Technicians Expertly Dry Out Your Property Lowering the Potential of Secondary Damages

Torrential downpours fill foundations, crawlspaces, and basements in Northwest Arkansas. Misery, confusion, and fear after the deluges threaten to overwhelm local homeowners. SERVPRO has the trained crews, specialized equipment, and flood damage experience for our communities, ready to restore both your dwelling and your peace of mind.
Waves of heavy rainstorms, with winds blowing and water pouring from the sky, caused flood damage in your Rogers home. You need immediate help to remove several inches of standing water and to dry out the area of your home you devoted to the storage and mechanical system. Our crisis team arrives fast to your disaster, familiar with industry best practices to restore your home and belongings back to pre-flood conditions.
A project manager from SERVPRO assesses the situation, working with you and your insurance company to craft a plan to dry out both structure and contents. First, we establish the safety of working in the affected area, making sure electricity is off, and other utilities are secure. Our truck-mounted pumps and extractors move the water out even if the storm took down power lines. Stormwater runoff can contain many pollutants, so we collect and dispose of the water in your home according to codes. Workers measure moisture levels and determine drying goals, setting up industrial air movers and dehumidifiers. We look for water in recessed areas and get it out to avoid future issues.
We empty your storage area to a space where you and our crew can take the time to review the damage. Some belongings launder well or are nonporous, so just need a wipe down. Books, pictures, and papers pose more of a challenge, but we offer freeze-drying techniques as a resource for important documents or treasured heirlooms. With the advice of our crew, you may discard some items that are ruined or contain contaminated water, risking mold growth or other problems with potentially infectious wastes.
As the drying out of the space nears completion we evaluate if your HVAC system needs further attention; duct cleaning and sealing may be indicated if the dirty water intruded. Only after contacts from the proper utilities approve will we recommend the systems and appliances in your lower level be turned on again.
Safety first and a speedy restoration follows when you contact SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties at (479) 787-7377. Let our highly-qualified team bring your home back "Like it never even happened."

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