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Have A Contingency Plan For Water Damage To Your Bentonville Warehouse

7/7/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Have A Contingency Plan For Water Damage To Your Bentonville Warehouse SERVPRO Helps to Mitigate Water Damage to Bentonville Businesses with the ERP Plan

SERVPRO Offers the ERP Plan for Pro-Active Readiness for Water Damaging Events

Water damage is a nightmare for any warehouse manager. Warehouses are used to store stock, and of course, damage to that stock could be expensive for your business. Replacing stock in the large quantities stored in a warehouse is untenable for many businesses.
SERVPRO believes that the best way to save your stock in the event of water damage to your Bentonville warehouse is to have a contingency plan in place. You cannot prevent every instance of water damage, but there are some things you can do to reduce the risk. You can also have a plan in place so that when water does enter your warehouse, you are prepared and able to take swift action.
Start with a facility assessment. Familiarize yourself with all the places where water could get into your warehouse: Areas of wear and tear (especially around plumbing), any small or larger leaks, and blocked drains, HVAC systems and through faulty roof drainage.
Take action on as many at-risk areas as you can. Get clogged drains unclogged, and get any leaks fixed as soon as possible. Have your HVAC systems maintained regularly and check roof drainage for any issues. Reroute water where you can.
Make regular facility inspections part of your business life. You can contact your insurer if you need a little guidance – they do not want to deal with a leaky warehouse either and can often offer advice and information.
Some warehouse managers decide that having the warehouse coated with a waterproof coating is a worthwhile investment; the amount spent on it could be less than you stand to lose if your stock gets water damaged.
It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with your local restoration experts before you need them. Program your local SERVPRO number into your phone, so you can reach us immediately that water enters your warehouse. Ask us to demonstrate our valuable tool, the ERP Plan. This Emergency READY Profile Plan provides a mobile and comprehensive one-place location for contacts, plant layouts, and many factors to mitigate fire or water damage to your investment property.
Our IICRC-certified teams arrive quickly, and we equip our technicians with everything necessary to handle any amount of water. We have free-standing, truck mounted, and submersible pumps on hand to remove water from your premises. Our technicians have powerful fans, air movers, and dehumidifiers ready to tackle even large drying jobs, and we monitor drying at every stage to restore your warehouse “Like it never even happened.”
Call SERVPRO of Benton / Caroll Counties at (479) 787-7377 for assistance with any water leak or large flood.

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Mold Remediation Services Available Throughout the Bentonville Area

6/30/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Remediation Services Available Throughout the Bentonville Area Wherever it is hiding, mold will be found by our trained technicians. Contact us before a small patch turns into a full blown infestation.

Professional Tools Can Get the Mold Problem in Your Home Under Control Fast

Everyone already understands that mold can cause severe problems in your home. We also understand that your indoor living environment, your belongings, and the health of your family are at risk when you choose to ignore mold problems developing in your home.
Getting professional help to address mold damage conditions on your Bentonville area property can make your recovery faster and help you protect your family, better. Most companies also help you communicate problems to your insurance company, giving you access to more solutions and better quality support. Even if you think you can handle your mold problems alone, having a professional take a look does not hurt.
SERVPRO follows EPA mold remediation guidelines to remediate mold issues, helping you clean and dry, materials, items, and surfaces within 48-hours that reduce your family's exposure to harmful bacteria and germs. These guidelines provide technicians standards and procedures to follow that promote providing practical answers to mold remediation projects, both big and small.
SERVPRO technicians make each job as clean, healthy, and safe as possible, protecting customers and workers from exposure. Maintaining this type of environment prevents disturbing mold during cleanup, spreading contamination to additional areas of your building and reduces possible health and safety issues throughout the entire remediation process.
Your SERVPRO team uses a variety of control and containment procedures to keep mold exposure found in your home under control. Negative-airflow machines, moisture detectors, and advanced cleaning methods all work together to provide you with the quality solutions you deserve.  
None of this could be possible without locating and repairing the source of contamination, first. We provide you with a full-service solution to mold, water, and repairs necessary to return your home to a quality pre-damage condition. Getting mold growth in your home under control means helping you understand how these issues begin and showing you how to prevent similar problems in the future.
Contact SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties to obtain professional mold remediation services in your home, today. Never accept anything other than quality, precision work when it comes to maintaining a healthy home. (479) 787-7377

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Neighbor’s Sprinkler System Overreaches Bentonville Property Causing Water Problems

6/8/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Neighbor’s Sprinkler System Overreaches Bentonville Property Causing Water Problems Bentonville Water Damage from a Lawn Sprinkler System--Call SERVPRO

SERVPRO Advice and Service in Bentonville Mitigate Water Damage

Sometimes you do everything right but have the misfortune to live near someone who makes a bad decision that affects both your homes. Water damage stemming from a neighboring sprinkler system working on overdrive is unexpected but well within the ability of the trained staff at SERVPRO to help you recover.

Sprinkler systems make it easier for homeowners to keep lawns and gardens green, but water damage to your Bentonville home occurs when your neighbor’s in-ground set up ran all weekend when you were out of town. The water pooled around your slab foundation and ran into your crawl spaces. Some of the water absorbed into the ground, but you fear pockets of moisture are now under your living area.
Waste no time inviting SERVPRO to inspect the problem. The longer water remains under your home, the more likely it is that mold colonizes, impacting your air quality and threatening your structure with rot. We have the equipment and the know-how to get under your home to remove standing water and to employ strategies to dry out the more inaccessible areas. Industrial strength air movers help lower the moisture content of the slab and the supports under your subfloor. If indicated by our experience with similar issues in the past, we add dehumidifiers and carefully monitored heaters to reduce the moisture. We can offer an encapsulation service by setting up a barrier to mitigate moisture migration from the crawl space soil.
Our crew takes the time to evaluate the moisture barriers you may, or may not, have in place between the foundation and your structure. Replacing or improving this vital construction protection avoids issues in the future. We dutifully inspect for any damage to the interior of your home and help with the restoration of floor or walls if they wicked water from the pooling beneath your house.
SERVPRO can communicate with your insurance company and the representatives from your neighbor's insurer, help with your claim's paperwork, and reduce out of pocket expenses. Many insurance companies favor using our services, so you rest assured that our recommendations and reputation are taken very seriously in the industry. This water removal and restoration is not a situation you should try to abate on your own.
Neighbors make mistakes, but you can make the right decision and call SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties when their sprinklers threaten to ruin your home. Our office takes basic information at (479) 787-7377 and sends an experienced team to your aid within hours.

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Tenants Open Window in Bentonville, Water Damage Follows

5/19/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Tenants Open Window in Bentonville, Water Damage Follows An open window is great for fresh air, but if the weather changes, it can bring a great deal of water into your home. Call SERVPRO to remediate.

SERVPRO Remediates Water Damage Regardless of the Cause

Before the scorching weather takes hold, your tenants open windows for a little fresh air. An open window is rarely a hazard unless a driving rain finds its way through, causing far more damage than expected. Regardless of the source, SERVPRO is ready with a whole menu of water damage answers.
Mopping up a bit of rain is usually no big problem for your maintenance staff, but an unattended open window spells commercial water damage for a landlord during a Bentonville heavy storm. Before leaving for the work day, one of your renters opens a bedroom window, hoping for a fresh-smelling apartment at the end of the day. Torrential rain pours in during his absence rather than a pleasant breeze. The soaked carpeting and sodden wall and floor beneath the window call out for the professional experience SERVPRO offers.
Water does its damage quickly when it is absorbed by vulnerable components. Varnished wood and plastics can shed the moisture, but drywall and fiber-based materials like insulation and carpeting become waterlogged. The floor and walls saturate, surfaces bowing out or buckling. The technicians at SERVPRO trained extensively to learn how to turn water damage around and restore your apartment building. The best results come when recovery efforts begin early, but professionals take pride in transforming even long term water damage to preloss condition.
Crews arrive with extractors on board and put them to use immediately so that the dry-out begins. The powerful suction removes water without damage to fixtures and structures when operated by a certified technician. It is costly to have your tenants removed even temporarily from the premises, so SERVPRO strives to mitigate the water damage fast. Evaluation of the window framing determines whether any parts need replacement. They assess the condition of the walls and flooring to determine if in-place drying is appropriate, and position air movers and dehumidifiers strategically for the quickest outcome.
Moisture content is the key to deciding when drying efforts cease. SERVPRO staff receive ongoing training to help them establish proper drying goals and to measure moisture levels correctly. Items such as carpet padding and insulation are often replaced as their drying is challenging and the expense is prohibitive. The project manager discusses all these concerns with you, and also works with your business insurance to limit your liability for the restoration and repairs.
Landlords who partner with SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties receive fast and efficient services to put water damage behind them. Call (479) 787-7377 the next time tenant error harms your property.

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Musty Basement Source Can Be Two Stories Away

5/16/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Musty Basement Source Can Be Two Stories Away Finding mold in your basement can feel overwhelming. Call the technicians at SERVPRO to investigate the cause and remediate the damage.

Bentonville Mold Damage is Best Handled by the Professional Technicians at SERVPRO

Even without a major flooding event or storm, you find unpleasant smells coming from your basement. No standing water or obvious dampness is evident, but you fear a microbial outbreak is in the works. Call SERVPRO to assess your concerns and devise a plan to remediate actual fungal growth and eliminate any moisture issues feeding the mold.
The mold damage in your Bentonville home’s basement is a puzzle. Although you are unaware of an event that brought moisture into your lower level, it is clear you need help removing the mold. Our remediation team not only offers assistance in ridding your home of the current mold colonies, but we also work to detect the source of the water that causes the mold growth and recommend alternatives to prevent the moisture problem in the future.
Our staff locates and contains the moldy areas. SERVPRO protocol is to follow EPA developed procedures to abate mold. It is crucial to limit the spread of particles and spores when removing the fungus, so we use physical barriers and then disinfect the area. When mold colonies are extensive, we bring in air scrubbers and protective gear to ensure we do not move the problem elsewhere in your home. Once the mold is gone, we begin the hunt for the water.
The SERVPRO technicians arrive with moisture meters to use in determining drying goals. In the absence of pools of water in your basement, the mold is still growing. Our staff is trained extensively on the conditions that encourage mold, including high humidity in closed in spaces. An air moisture content of more than 60 percent risks the growth of mold colonies. We use dehumidifiers to lower the humidity in your basement and add air movers if confident the action will not disperse lingering mold.
Often the origin of the wetness is difficult to trace when you seek a permanent answer to mold growth in your basement. It could be the result of poorly planned or clogged downspouts and gutters that fail to move rainwater away from your foundation. Cinderblock construction in your basement or crawlspace contributes as well by allowing water to invade your home through capillary action, seeping from damp earth outside. SERVPRO project managers reach out with suggestions to limit the incursion of water under your home. Roofing and gutter repair, drain spout repositioning, installation of vapor barriers, or some combination of these strategies are all possibilities.
Call SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties when concerned about mold in your basement. A speedy response from our operators at (479) 787-7377 gets you on the way to a practical solution to this concern.

Conquer Your Flooding Fears in Bentonville With SERVPRO

4/27/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Conquer Your Flooding Fears in Bentonville With SERVPRO Flood damage needs to be handled correctly to prevent secondary damage. Call SERVPRO for a more in depth explanation of the process.

Our Technicians Can Quickly Assess and Put a Plan into Works to Tackle Your Flood Damage

Northwest Arkansas experienced its share of flash flooding over the past several seasons. With microburst storms more and more common throughout the country, it is likely more damage is in the future. Knowing that flood waters are possible means area homeowners look to SERVPRO to provide the help needed to restore properties after such a disaster.
The question is not whether floods will damage Bentonville homes, but what the savvy owner does to recover when the unthinkable happens? Flood waters are devastating to structures and contents. An experienced flood restoration company with high-qualified staff and top-notch equipment is vital for the best results after flooding.
Health concerns rise because the water entering homes during flooding frequently contains infectious waste from storm sewers and the land and waterways surrounding residential areas. The runoff from roads and driveways includes automotive products, salts, and other chemicals. SERVPRO trains its staff to respond appropriately to these challenges. Homeowners lack comprehensive understanding concerning contaminated water, and how to properly extract and dispose of it that a trusted restoration company brings to the disaster. Shore up your knowledge by hiring an industry leader, secure that proper protocols are in place to protect your home and the health of your family.
Tough decisions arise when hazardous waters flood your living spaces. You need a professional to explain the risks in a way you comprehend. A reasonable and cost effective plan also must fall into place. SERVPRO perceives the problems and is familiar with efficient and thorough ways to transform the seemingly ruined lower levels of your home to preloss condition. The vision and mission of all SERVPRO franchises focus on restoration rather than wholesale tear outs and replacements. Expect every attempt to be made to retain your home’s contents and structure.
At the same time, this company has as its ultimate concern the health and well-being of its customers. If contaminated items, from walls, floors, and ceilings to fixtures and contents, are too far gone to ensure safety, SERVPRO lists options to protect all from harm. Relying on their expertise and extensive training in flood recovery efforts just makes sense.
Hard rains followed by flooding are no match for SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties. Give this community resource a call at (479) 787-7377 to get back your home and peace of mind.

Fire Damage Solutions to Bentonville Properties

4/12/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Solutions to Bentonville Properties Bentonville Fires Can Result in Severe Damage--Call SERVPRO for Cleanup and Restoration

Professional SERVPRO Crews Restore Damage Caused by Fires

The question no one ever wants to ask is, “whom can I call for fire damage restoration near me?” Accidents and natural disasters cause fires that damage residences. Homeowners need a reliable source for fast and high-quality help for all the problems caused by fire. SERVPRO proudly steps up to fill this role.
You need to know the fire damage your Bentonville house suffers is reversible by a top-notch disaster response team. SERVPRO crews are ready for any twist or turn your fire scenario takes. Expect the team sent out to secure the premises after the fire department clears that step and to complete a detailed assessment of the issues needing attention. The trucks sent out to the fire have a full complement of industrial-grade equipment, tools, and technicians matched to this type of a disaster, capable of starting the work of restoration immediately.
First, the crew determines whether the interior of your home is safe to navigate. SERVPRO’s preference is to restore rather than replace structure and contents, but if the fire burned through walls, stairs, or floors those areas line up for tear out, repair and replacement. Next, technicians begin cleaning tasks, determining the best methods based upon the thorough training they receive, instruction in industry standards.
Lighter soot damage on walls and surfaces receive dry cleaning technique with dusters and special sponges. Vacuuming also removes residue and helps prepare for deeper cleaning. Non-porous items more heavily soiled undergo a more vigorous wet cleaning or a spray and wipe technique. A foam cleaning choice is common for upholstered furniture, mattresses and box springs. Thicker debris merits scrubbing with abrasives, while small items like knick-knacks and dishes take an immersion bath in a basin or sink. Larger articles such as blinds wait for SERVPRO’s special ultrasonic cleaning, completed by certified staff. Carpeting and padding await shampooing with proper equipment.
Fire damage often includes secondary considerations such as significant water damage and the need for professional deodorization. SERVPRO is a full-service cleanup and restoration company, able to take on all types of recovery challenges. The team works on any water issues with industrial extractors and have the capability to remove smoke and other odors with a range of deodorization strategies. SERVPRO staff qualifies as experts in all of these restoration scenarios and more.
After the firefighters issue an all-clear, contact SERVPRO for fast, professional, and complete restoration services. Rely upon them to answer every question and provide the highest quality disaster aid. Make the call to SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties at (479) 787-7377.

Is Mold Damage In Bentonville Book Stores A Serious Problem?

4/3/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Is Mold Damage In Bentonville Book Stores A Serious Problem? As paper is so fragile, even a small increase in temperature or humidity can cause significant problems.

Mold Damage

In many ways, bookstores are some of the most vulnerable businesses around. As paper is so fragile, even a small increase in temperature or humidity can cause significant problems. Mold is a particular risk because it spreads quickly under the right conditions.

If left untreated, a minor outbreak can lead to extensive mold damage in Bentonville businesses. The spores feed on organic materials like paper, so books and other items start to curl, warp, spot, and crumble. If you suspect mold in your bookstore, it is imperative that you call SERVPRO right away. Keep reading to find out how our experts tackle mold without causing further damage to stock.

Isolate The Affected Items
Depending on the age, severity, and scope of the mold problem, the SERVPRO technicians have to decide how to set up containment measures. Typically, affected items get moved into a quarantine area, where they can be handled and treated without fear of spreading the spores. This area will have a controlled relative humidity of below 55%.

Deactivate Mold Growth
The objective is to get the mold to a place of dormancy so that it stops spreading and causing damage. ‘Deactivation’ refers to the dry and powdery stage, as opposed to when it is soft and fuzzy. Paper items, like books and records, can be placed inside a specialized freezer (offsite). It forces the spores into latency until further cleaning is applied.

Clean The Affected Items
One of the most powerful forms of cleaning is the HEPA vacuum. However, it should only be used to treat mold that has already been deactivated and can no longer spread. As books and paper items are very fragile, experts do not usually apply the vacuum directly. They use a fiberglass screen to protect the material and a covered nozzle so that detached pieces do not get lost during cleaning.

Thoroughly Dry The Area
It is vital that the surrounding environments get treated and cleaned. Otherwise, the books may come into contact with mold spores on walls, carpets, and shelves. All shelves and furniture require cleaning with a strong detergent. The SERVPRO team then assess the condition of carpets and soft furnishings. If they are seriously moldy, they may need replacements.

At SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties, we provide fast, effective results. We design our mold remediation strategies with the customer in mind, so they always take into account the unique needs of the environment. Call us 24/7 at (479) 787-7377 today.

Professional Cleaning Services Available For Your Bentonville Home

3/13/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Professional Cleaning Services Available For Your Bentonville Home Cleaning and restoring your property is what we do best. Call SERVPRO quickly after a fire for best results.

SERVPRO Technicians Personalize the Cleaning Process for Every Occurrence

Any fire can leave significant damage behind, including the emotional strain that your family experiences. Therefore, it is important for you to choose the right company to help return your home to normal as soon as possible. A company that cares for your belongings and respects the amount of stress you are going through as well.
When fire damage disasters strike your Bentonville area home, the amount of training, equipment, and experience your restoration company has access to becomes critical to restoring your property. You want access to a company with a 24-hour emergency response service and professionally trained IICRC experts to help you through your current situation respectfully.
SERVPRO provides a mixture of services to help restore your home after a fire, none of which are more important than those we use to restore your fire damaged contents. Our expertly trained technicians have experience in many different cleaning methods to remove smoke and soot residues from the contents of your home.
SERVPRO technicians use a foam cleaning method primarily on upholstery fabrics that might shrink when wet or on those that contain dyes that may bleed. Often used on these materials to prevent stains from forming on carpeting or any other flooring that creates additional problems.
The process involves using a shampoo solution in a pump-up sprayer to spray foam directly into a Tampico Shampoo Brush, applying foam directly to the item. A method that is often effective in cleaning mattresses or box springs with light smoke residues and fine materials.
SERVPRO also utilizes abrasive cleaning methods that involve agitating the surface area of items that need cleaning. Our technicians use many different methods of abrading or agitating residues to remove them from a variety of surface materials.
One abrasive method includes using a stain scrub or liquid creme cleaner that contains mildly-abrasive ingredients, slowly and gently working the cleaning solution into the affected material with a damp sponge.
Another example is the use of abrasive cleaning products such as steel wool or scrubbing pads and using sufficient cleaning products to provide lubrication between the material and the surface of the item.
We take specific care when handling your belongings, often returning many of your items to a quality preloss condition and saving cherished items from destruction.
These services and more are available to our clients at SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties today. Contact our staff for additional details of how we can help. (479) 787-7377

Bentonville Mold Proliferation Factors

3/11/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Bentonville Mold Proliferation Factors Ignoring Mold Growth Leads to Huge Damage in a Bentonville Property

Rely on SERVPRO to Remediate Mold Infestations in Your Bentonville Property

If you have mold damage in your home, it is vital that you take action straight away. If left unchecked, mold can damage your home and belongings, and cause health effects.

For limiting the damage as much as possible, it is important to take action as soon as you spot signs of mold in your Bentonville home. Fungi growth is particularly likely to occur in humid areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms or basements and it is worth keeping an eye on those areas.

The Causes Of Mold
There are several factors that can cause mold. Condensation or humidity are leading causes of mold and can be made worse if you dry your clothes indoors or have damp clothes lying around. Leaks can also cause mold growth. If you’ve got a leaking pipe or water seeping into your basement or roof space, mold can soon take hold. After suffering from flood or water damage, mold colonies can develop in your home's structure and belongings without rapid dehumidification.

The Steps To Dealing With Mold
If you notice or smell that particular musty odor of mold in your house, your first step is to put in a call to SERVPRO. Our Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians-AMRT-have the necessary skills and industry-leading equipment to assess, contain and deal with the mold remediation.

Step One: Assess
We train our people to find the signs of mold and evaluate the extent of the damage. Some materials (such as clothes and upholstery) may need to be disposed of if significant mold colonization has occurred. Other elements can be cleaned and dried. We follow IICRC best practices to restore everything possible.

Step Two: Contain
The next step is for our SERVPRO team to build sealed areas to prevent the spread of mold spores. We can also introduce negative air pressure in the affected area to help with this. We carefully establish areas for dealing with these fungi, to avoid cross contamination from the circulation of airborne spores or debris.

Step Three: Clean
Once containment is set up, we thoroughly clean hard surfaces to remove the mold. Our technicians are equipped with powerful HEPA vacuums and professional cleaning equipment to remove the mold and clean the area.

Step Four: Dry
Thorough drying helps prevent mold from establishing new colonies. Using air movers too early in the process can help spread spores. Our IICRC certified technicians know the best equipment to use, and when, to dry out affected areas and give you the best chance of keeping the mold problem under control.

If you have mold damage, let SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties assist you. Call (479) 787-7377 and we can take all the necessary steps to cleanup or discard contaminated items.