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Bella Vista, Mold Remediation and the Answer--SERVPRO

1/15/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Bella Vista, Mold Remediation and the Answer--SERVPRO SERVPRO Offers Comprehensive Mold Remediation to Bella Vista Properties

Hiding in Plain Sight -- Managing Mold Damage in Bella Vista Attics or Crawl Spaces

The winter months do not provide a break from mold growth. Homeowners might not realize that spores are growing and colonies expanding because the activity is happening away from the living spaces in the dwelling. Only when a musty smell drifts from these out-of-the-way areas or a trip to retrieve stored items reveals a glimpse of multiplying microbial activities does the alarm sound. Professional mold remediation must proceed fast.

Mold damage during the heating season in Bella Vista seems surprising given how dry interior air can be when the furnace runs. Mold growth is rare when humidity levels dip below 60 percent, and there is no other ready source of moisture. The challenge is that mold grows in a range of temperatures, including the frigid expenses in your attic. Ice dams and roofing leaks increase the chance that precipitation of any kind, freezing rains to snow, makes its way into the upper reaches of your home. The cold damp of a basement or crawl space goes unnoticed but can breed mold whether you watch or not.

SERVPRO invests in cutting-edge mold remediation training, equipment, and products for our employees to assist with mold damage. The team counts Applied Microbial Remediation technicians among our ranks, prepared to employ the industry standard and EPA-developed protocol to the problem.

Once the mold colonies are mapped, SERVPRO contains the area to prevent drift of mold spores and other debris to the inhabited parts of the house. Plastic barriers might be augmented with negative pressure air scrubbing equipment, filtering the air to exhaust outside as well as creating a vacuum to seal in the working space.

Mechanical scraping and brushing remove the majority of the mold colonies on non-porous surfaces. SERVPRO also looks at innovations like soda blasting to kill mold infestations while loosening and ridding porous materials of mold residues. Cleanup proceeds with HEPA-equipped vacuuming and wipe downs with specialized mold cleaning products. Application of EPA-registered antimicrobials inhibits the potential for regrowth.

SERVPRO crews do not ignore the starting point of the mold problem, identifying the cause of the moisture that encouraged the growth. We work with you to repair leaks and insufficient drainage systems and to reduce ambient humidity using state of the art approaches that increase ventilation while preventing the intrusion of water in the remediated space.

Our mold remediation team at  SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties is top notch and at your service year round. Call us at  (479) 787-7377 if mold damage surprises and concerns you.

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Our Crew Is Your Best Option When Mold Causes Damage To Your Home In Bentonville

1/2/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Our Crew Is Your Best Option When Mold Causes Damage To Your Home In Bentonville SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties is ready to assist with mold remediation any time a homeowner suspects a problem.

Mold Damage Respects No Season In Bentonville

It may come as a shock, but mold spores can grow and damage your home in Bentonville 12 months out of the year. Although many mold species prefer warmer temperatures, the fact is fungal infestations of one or more of the roughly 100,000 identified types could find your home hospitable in any season. Our company educates our microbial abatement technicians about remediation techniques that work at in any environment at any time.

In the colder months, mold damage in Bentonville can result from moisture buildup from ice dams. Ice dams result when gutter and downspout systems clog from leaf litter, improper installation, or damage -- often due to a combination of these factors. Precipitation does not drain away as needed, and colder temperatures cause a cycle of freezing and melting that forces moisture under roofing materials and through the eave joints. If the attic area has insufficient insulation warm air from the house exacerbates the problem, accelerating the melting while opening spaces for the water to intrude.

Moisture plus the spores always present in the air and on surfaces results in mold growth in the hidden spaces of your upper levels. SERVPRO crews are familiar with the phenomenon and are masters of methods to remediate the damage. We follow the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocols when responding to mold damage to keep you and your family safe while managing the problem efficiently.

The SERVPRO crew chief assesses the extent of the mold damage, including tracing the potential migration of the colonies as we follow the movement of the moisture. We contain the moldy area, using physical barriers such as heavy plastic sheeting, and considering employing technology such as negative pressure air scrubbers that filter and vent the contaminants during the project.

We use mechanical methods to remove the mold, brushes, and scrapers accomplishing the task. If porous materials are affected, techniques like soda blasting remediate the structural components in many cases. The SERVPRO crew bags and disposes of the moldy materials according to local regulations, including any building materials or stored items we cannot clean adequately.

SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties is ready to assist with mold remediation any time a homeowner suspects a problem. Call us at (479) 787-7377 when you notice staining or that distinctive musty odor that might signal a mold damage problem.

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What to Expect from Our Bella Vista Mold Damage Remediation Crew

8/26/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation What to Expect from Our Bella Vista Mold Damage Remediation Crew Finding mold in your home does not need to be a reason to panic. Contact SERVPRO and we will mitigate the damage.

Team SERVPRO Understands Mold and What it Needs to Proliferate

Plenty of information is on the internet and social media about mold and the health effects it can cause. The sheer quantity of cautions and concerns about residential mold damage make it hard not to panic if you sniff a musty odor or peek a patch of dark staining or feathery microbial growth. To safely and efficiently deal with a potential mold problem ask for an assessment from one of our mold abatement specialists.

Summers are hot and muggy, the perfect environment for mold damage in Bella Vista if safeguards are not in place. Even the most vigilant homeowner might find it taxing to monitor all the mold hot spots in a residence. A minor plumbing leak, a spill that recurs daily near a pet’s water bowl, or even an inappropriately sized or poorly draining AC unit can fuel the growth of mold colonies. Until you arrange to eliminate the excess water, any mold abatement might be temporary. Our highly skilled remediation crews can remove current mold colonies and take steps to inhibit future mold growth in part by reducing the prevalence of mold spores to normal levels.

What we cannot promise is a complete elimination of the mold spores that inhabit our living, playing, and sleeping spaces. Without a consistent moisture source, however, mold spores typically present few risks to your property’s structural integrity or a low possibility of causing any health effects. Mold spores that absorb even a minute amount of water start a process that results in the growth of significant mold colonies on available organic surfaces. SERVPRO’s mold remediation crews employ the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocols when managing a mold outbreak.

First, the SERVPRO team determines the location and extent of the mold infestation. Mold does not need a source of light to thrive so we investigate cavities between walls, under floors, in closets, or behind curtains or heavy furniture. Once we describe the perimeters of the mold colonies, we plan for adequate containment to prevent the drift of moldy debris.

Smaller collections of microbial growth might need only heavy plastic sheeting barriers. An added precaution that improves outcomes for larger outbreaks is the use of air scrubbers, a negative pressure vacuum type system that employs ductwork and HEPA filters to avoid airborne or tracked in mold to spread when we disturb it during mechanical removal. SERVPRO technicians wear personal protective equipment as they brush, scrape, and use abrasive processes like soda blasting to clear the affected surfaces of mold colonies.

EPA registered antimicrobials treat the targeted areas, inhibiting resurgence of the mold. SERVPRO employees use HEPA filtered vacuums to remove residual moldy materials left after removal. A final review of the identified moisture sources ensures they no longer encourage mold growth.

The mold remediation team at SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties uses the industry’s best practices to abate mold damage in your home. Call (479) 763-3220 for a consultation if you even suspect mold might be multiplying in your home.

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When Flooding Leads To Mold Damage In Your Bella Vista Property

7/18/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation When Flooding Leads To Mold Damage In Your Bella Vista Property Mold damage is a dire situation.

When Flooding Leads To Mold Damage

Arkansas is, unfortunately, no stranger to flooding situations, affecting multiple properties all across the Bella Vista area. As the waters rise and penetrate into homes and commercial structures alike, those directly affected seek out some way of reversing the damage and getting their properties back to the way they used to be.

While many homeowners and business owners believe that overcoming water loss events is little more than bailing out the building and drying up the moisture, there is a lot more to it than that. Failure to properly clean up after a widespread flooding situation throughout the region can leave many Bella Vista homes and businesses battling an equally severe effect: mold damage.

Mold damage is a dire situation, primarily because the kind of fungal growth that occurs indoors has gotten directly linked with potential health effects. Those exposed to the colony itself can find themselves getting sick or having various respiratory concerns. This fact puts a fine point on the need to get this situation resolved quickly and by professionals like our SERVPRO remediation team.

Much like the lesson that you might have learned through the attempt to resolve the flooding damages on your own, professional restoration and remediation offer the right tools and expertise to ensure that the job gets done correctly. The faster that our SERVPRO professionals can get out to start working on mold growth in your home or business, the better able our technicians are to mitigate the damages you could sustain.

More to the point, you can avoid these dire situations of mold growth altogether by choosing professional restoration for all of the water damages you contend with or are currently facing. Our professionals can help you to clean up this mess correctly, limiting the possibility of microbial growth in the first place.

Your home or business requires an experienced and professional hand when it comes to overcoming damages from mold. You can always count on SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties to help you overcome this presence in your property and get back to original conditions. Give us a call anytime at (479) 888-7808.

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Removing Mold Colonies Growing In Your Rogers Home

5/24/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Removing Mold Colonies Growing In Your Rogers Home Moisture Encourages Dormant Mold Spores in Rogers Properties to Proliferate and Cause Damage. Call SERVPRO

SERVPRO Uses Industry Standards and Techniques for Mold Remediation

Mold is more common in homes than you might believe. With the ease that spores in the environment can seat into organic materials in your home and colonize, just some persistent moisture and warmth are the only missing components from this occurrence happening in your home. While you might work hard to prevent these circumstances, there are areas of your home that you do not check as diligently, which can lead to some undiscovered fungal growth that spreads throughout the area.

Mold damage can have several effects on the structural integrity of your Rogers home, as well as for the occupants inside of it. Fungal and microbial colonies in a house can lead to exposure for you and your family, which has gotten linked with potential health effects. The best solution for you is to remove these present colonies and restore the damage that they have caused.

Unfortunately, this is almost never something that you can do on your own. Colonies tend to root deeply the materials that they seat into, so conventional cleaning methods have little chance of affecting the entire hyphae. Instead, these measures only scratch the surface of the problem, which can lead you to believe that you have resolved the issue. What you need are SERVPRO remediation specialists. Tip: don't use bleach to kill mold. The moisture may just encourage further expansion.

Our team of SERVPRO applied microbial remediation technicians AMRT can respond quickly to your call and get to work on removing the colonies. These methods range based on the kind of material the colonies seat into and the severity of the damage. Typically, an antimicrobial solution gets sprayed on the colonies and affected materials, and this process gets followed up with soda blasting or sanding if physical removal of fungal organisms is still needed.

Mold damage in your home might not be something that you get accustomed to seeing, or that you know what to do with when it gets discovered. Fortunately, our remediation technicians at SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties can help you restore the damage and prevent future occurrences. Give us a call today at (479) 787-7377.

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Mold Damage Remediation Services Available To Help Businesses In Bella Vista

4/25/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage Remediation Services Available To Help Businesses In Bella Vista SERVPRO Keeps Office Up and Running with Mold Remediation for the Bella Vista Area

Bella Vista Workplaces Benefit from SERVPRO's Mold Cleanup and Restoration Services

A retirement destination that is now also a desirable residential location for workers employed in nearby communities, Bella Vista businesses provide a comfortable ambiance for residents. Churches, stores, schools, lodgings, restaurants, health care centers, and entertainment venues offer pleasant and necessary services to citizens in the area. These businesses rely on our expert assistance if microbial infestations threaten to disrupt commerce.
If mold or mildew damage takes hold in your Bella Vista business, you need trustworthy and speedy help. Although no reputable company promises absolute mold elimination, our trained and experienced technicians are adept at effective mold remediation. We support our community and its businesses by offering the skills we developed by mastering Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification as Applied Microbial Remediation Specialists. Our crews remove current mold infestations from your business and work with you to develop strategies to inhibit future mold and mildew growth.
SERVPRO mold remediation technicians use state of the art equipment to contain the mold infestation in your business. Employing heavy-duty physical barriers and negative pressure air scrubbing technology, we create safe zones within your business property where the mold debris cannot spread during our remediation efforts. After containment is complete, we remove the mold colonies and any porous materials contaminated with the fungal growth. Our team uses HEPA equipped vacuums and registered disinfectants to clear away remaining moldy debris, which is bagged for proper disposal.
To inhibit future mold damage in your business the SERVPRO crew assigned works with you and your management team to locate the source of moisture feeding mold growth. Mold spores are a constant in almost every environment, including your company. The key to avoiding new mold outbreaks is to eliminate the water and dampness that fuels mold spore development. Our training and experience give us the insight we share with you to minimize your business’s mold exposure ongoing.
We take the responsibility to be transparent about the mold remediation process seriously. Our business and residential customers know they can rely on our mold remediation services when necessary and learn how to keep mold from becoming a persistent problem by listening to our advice and recommendations.
If you suspect a mold outbreak in your business, contact SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties. A call to (479) 787-7377 schedules a mold remediation assessment at your earliest convenience.

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What Are the Steps Involved in Professional Remediation after Mold Damage to Your Bella Vista Home

2/21/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation What Are the Steps Involved in Professional Remediation after Mold Damage to Your Bella Vista Home For Mold Remediation from Spores to Large Colonies in Bella Vista Rely on SERVPRO

SERVPRO Follows Protocols to Ensure Mold Cleanup and Remediation

No one wants to stumble upon mold damage in their home, but the fact is, it happens all the time. Not only can mold take over your home if not properly handled, but it can also cause health effects as well. Understanding the remediation process helps you prepare for things to come after professionals arrive at your home.

Mold damage restoration to your Bella Vista home involves multiple steps. Here are some of the steps that SERVPRO technicians can use during the process. Scoping apparent infestations and assessing procedures
Establishing containment
Containing the mold damage is perhaps one of the most critical steps doing the whole process. It is crucial to avoid spreading the airborne spores to non-contaminated areas within the house. Technicians can install plastic sheeting to create containment barriers. If the contamination is severe, negative air pressure is established in the containment area. The technicians also seal HVAC vents and ducting systems.

Removal of the mold contamination
The next step is to eliminate the contamination itself. The non-porous material can be cleaned by SERVPRO AMRT technicians

, but porous material with visible mold growth often needs to be discarded. Porous materials such as fabrics, drywall, carpeting, insulation may need to be removed to eliminate the mold. If the mold damage is present on non-porous material such as glass, metal or plastics, technicians can use vacuums fitted with HEPA filters or wipe the surface with a detergent solution.

Cleaning off the dust and settled spores
Once the mold contamination has been removed, the settled dust and spores can be removed by vacuuming and wiping. The cleaning of the settled spores can be done in multiple steps to eliminate the chances of future contamination due to the airborne spores. SERVPRO crew members work carefully and wear PPE when needed, to minimize exacerbating the affected areas.

Drying the material
Drying the structure and the contents is a vital step to stop mold growth shortly. Fungi love residual moisture, and if it is not removed by drying, there is a high chance of mold proliferation in the future. Our technicians use professional grade dehumidifiers and air movers to eliminate any residual moisture. Moreover, typically finish the mold remediation service with an application of an antimicrobial product.

Call SERVPRO of Benton/ Carroll Counties at (479) 787-7377 today for a free consultation including the surrounding areas of Bentonville and Rogers.

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Addressing Bad Odors through Remediation of Mold Damage in Bella Vista Homes

1/3/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Addressing Bad Odors through Remediation of Mold Damage in Bella Vista Homes Mold often hides behind large pieces of furniture, appliances, and cabinets.

SERVPRO Offers Professional Mold Remediation Services

Microbial activity can affect your Bella Vista home's interior anywhere. However, the bathroom, kitchen, and areas where you have placed water-using appliances tend to develop problems more often than other locations.

Bella Vista homes affected by mold damage often develop a distinctly bad smell. Not all mold strains cause an odor, however, an absence of this odor does not guarantee that only a healthy amount of microbial activity exists within the home. Mold can play a part in causing health effects in people, regardless of the development of an odor.

Many times, homeowners find mold colonies behind larger pieces of furniture, such as a china cabinet, or under appliances and cabinets. The IICRC-certified professionals at SERVPRO can perform the remediation services needed. We invest in the latest equipment and machinery so we can perform all the necessary work rapidly. We know that having work conducted inside your home can seem very intrusive, so we attempt to finish as quickly as possible.

However, because odors only indicate a mold issue some of the time, SERVPRO technicians use devices that can detect the number of microbes in the air and on surfaces. Merely looking clean and mold-free deceives many people, such as when they use bleach to clean up mold. Part of our equipment includes air scrubbers. When we produce an enclosed area and attach an air scrubber correctly, the setup creates a negative pressure zone, which quickly removes any airborne spores, minimizing any odors.

When combating odors, the use of hydroxyl generators and deodorizing packs can both neutralize odors for extended periods. Hydroxyl ions bond with odor-causing particles in the air, rendering them inert. Safe to use around children and pets, this and the deodorizing techniques used leave a fresh scent in your home.

We can permanently kill odors when we eliminate their source. If mold caused the odors in your home, remediation of mold damage quickly solves the odor problem, also. For professional remediation of mold damage and the odors caused, call SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties at (479) 787-7377 day or night, 365 days a year.

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4 Myths About Mold Damage In Rogers

10/25/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation 4 Myths About Mold Damage In Rogers Mold and Fungus in Your Roger's Home is Not Welcome, Smile, Say "Cheese" and Call SERVPRO

SERVPRO Tip: Mold Remediation in Rogers Is Best Left to the Professionals

Mold damage is one of those topics that everyone seems to discuss online these days. There are many different articles, and even whole blogs, dedicated to the subject of mold – what it is, how it grows, whether it is dangerous and how to get rid of it. SERVPRO’s IICRC-certified technicians are knowledgeable about mold and fungus remediation, and we know many of our Rogers customers have seen some of the common myths about mold damage. That is why we are setting the record straight.

Homeowners in Rogers are right to be concerned about mold damage – fungal growth looks and smells unpleasant and can even cause structural damage to your home. However, it is useful to be aware of the myths surrounding mold, so you know what is right and what is not. Here are SERVPRO’s top 4 myths about mold.
1. All Mold Is Bad
Not all mold is dangerous. Blue cheese contains a type of fungus, and a species of mold is the source of penicillin. However, just because some mold is not harmful, that does not mean it is ok to have black or green fungus growing in your home!
2. A Small Amount Of Mold Is Nothing To Worry About
Many people think that if there is only a small amount of visible fungal growth, there is no problem (for example under the sink or around the bathroom baseboards.) However, even a small amount of mold might point to a more significant problem. First, seeing fungus means your home has the right conditions for it to grow especially excess moisture, and those conditions need tackling. Second, if a small colony grows, it can get bigger and spread to other parts of your home. There may already be significant hidden pockets of mold patches.
3. You Must Eradicate All Mold From Your Home
There is misinformation out there telling you to rid your home of all mold, right now! However, it is not possible to completely eradicate mold. The spores are omnipresent, and they are tiny enough that they can travel unseen throughout your home. That is why SERVPRO remediation does not focus on complete removal, but on drying out damp areas after extermination and containment, so the correct growing conditions are not present.
4. Mold Remediation Is An Easy DIY Job
The top myth our technicians hear is that mold remediation is easy to do yourself. Wiping away mold is not enough to prevent the problem recurring. Professional remediation includes setting up containment, using HEPA vacuums and negative air machines, and wearing protective equipment at all times. Professional remediation is safer and much more efficient than doing it yourself.
For help with fungal growth in Bentonville, Green Forest, Bella Vista and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of Benton / Carrol Counties at (479) 787-7377 today.

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Actions to Help Prevent Mold Damage in Rogers

9/18/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Actions to Help Prevent Mold Damage in Rogers Rogers' Homeowners Battle Moisture and Mold Growth and then Call SERVPRO

SERVPRO Tips to Keep Mold Spores from Becoming a Problem

Mold is a mystery to most homeowners. While many know how dangerous it is for a home, few know how to protect against or stop its spread effectively. In truth, it is challenging to halt the spread of mold entirely, and no home is invulnerable even with the best safeguards in place. However, there are some things you can do to stop mold damage in Rogers, either on your own or with the help of a professional company like SERVPRO.
Mold-Resistant Paint
One of the most direct ways to help prevent mold damage in Rogers is to coat your home in mold-resistant paints and finishes. These special paints come in a variety of colors to complement your home, with the added benefit of providing a barrier between prospective mold spores and your walls. Give us a call to find out how SERVPRO can help to provide and apply a coat of mold-resistant paint to your home.
Seal Leaks and Tighten Pipes
While mold can grow without a source of water, this is uncommon. Most mold infestations we encounter are caused by a leak, flood, or spill in the home that allowed water to soak into a material it is not supposed to. Keep on top of leaks and water systems in your home to keep things dry and free of mold. Further, if your home ever takes water damage, be sure to call SERVPRO immediately to ensure no mold growth develops.
Keep Windows and Doors Closed
While open windows can add atmosphere to a home, leaving them open for long, unattended periods of time may invite mold into your home. In addition to increasing humidity, the wind can blow in liquid water, debris, and concentrated mold spores, potentially leading to a mold crisis in your home. Keep windows closed when you are out of the room, and this risk effectively disappears. Also, maintain your HVAC system, keep the filters changed and the ductwork clean.
SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties is available 24/7 to respond to your report of mold damage or infestation. Call us at (479) 787-7377.

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Musty Basement Source Can Be Two Stories Away

5/16/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Musty Basement Source Can Be Two Stories Away Finding mold in your basement can feel overwhelming. Call the technicians at SERVPRO to investigate the cause and remediate the damage.

Bentonville Mold Damage is Best Handled by the Professional Technicians at SERVPRO

Even without a major flooding event or storm, you find unpleasant smells coming from your basement. No standing water or obvious dampness is evident, but you fear a microbial outbreak is in the works. Call SERVPRO to assess your concerns and devise a plan to remediate actual fungal growth and eliminate any moisture issues feeding the mold.
The mold damage in your Bentonville home’s basement is a puzzle. Although you are unaware of an event that brought moisture into your lower level, it is clear you need help removing the mold. Our remediation team not only offers assistance in ridding your home of the current mold colonies, but we also work to detect the source of the water that causes the mold growth and recommend alternatives to prevent the moisture problem in the future.
Our staff locates and contains the moldy areas. SERVPRO protocol is to follow EPA developed procedures to abate mold. It is crucial to limit the spread of particles and spores when removing the fungus, so we use physical barriers and then disinfect the area. When mold colonies are extensive, we bring in air scrubbers and protective gear to ensure we do not move the problem elsewhere in your home. Once the mold is gone, we begin the hunt for the water.
The SERVPRO technicians arrive with moisture meters to use in determining drying goals. In the absence of pools of water in your basement, the mold is still growing. Our staff is trained extensively on the conditions that encourage mold, including high humidity in closed in spaces. An air moisture content of more than 60 percent risks the growth of mold colonies. We use dehumidifiers to lower the humidity in your basement and add air movers if confident the action will not disperse lingering mold.
Often the origin of the wetness is difficult to trace when you seek a permanent answer to mold growth in your basement. It could be the result of poorly planned or clogged downspouts and gutters that fail to move rainwater away from your foundation. Cinderblock construction in your basement or crawlspace contributes as well by allowing water to invade your home through capillary action, seeping from damp earth outside. SERVPRO project managers reach out with suggestions to limit the incursion of water under your home. Roofing and gutter repair, drain spout repositioning, installation of vapor barriers, or some combination of these strategies are all possibilities.
Call SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties when concerned about mold in your basement. A speedy response from our operators at (479) 787-7377 gets you on the way to a practical solution to this concern.

Bentonville Mold Proliferation Factors

3/11/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Bentonville Mold Proliferation Factors Ignoring Mold Growth Leads to Huge Damage in a Bentonville Property

Rely on SERVPRO to Remediate Mold Infestations in Your Bentonville Property

If you have mold damage in your home, it is vital that you take action straight away. If left unchecked, mold can damage your home and belongings, and cause health effects.

For limiting the damage as much as possible, it is important to take action as soon as you spot signs of mold in your Bentonville home. Fungi growth is particularly likely to occur in humid areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms or basements and it is worth keeping an eye on those areas.

The Causes Of Mold
There are several factors that can cause mold. Condensation or humidity are leading causes of mold and can be made worse if you dry your clothes indoors or have damp clothes lying around. Leaks can also cause mold growth. If you’ve got a leaking pipe or water seeping into your basement or roof space, mold can soon take hold. After suffering from flood or water damage, mold colonies can develop in your home's structure and belongings without rapid dehumidification.

The Steps To Dealing With Mold
If you notice or smell that particular musty odor of mold in your house, your first step is to put in a call to SERVPRO. Our Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians-AMRT-have the necessary skills and industry-leading equipment to assess, contain and deal with the mold remediation.

Step One: Assess
We train our people to find the signs of mold and evaluate the extent of the damage. Some materials (such as clothes and upholstery) may need to be disposed of if significant mold colonization has occurred. Other elements can be cleaned and dried. We follow IICRC best practices to restore everything possible.

Step Two: Contain
The next step is for our SERVPRO team to build sealed areas to prevent the spread of mold spores. We can also introduce negative air pressure in the affected area to help with this. We carefully establish areas for dealing with these fungi, to avoid cross contamination from the circulation of airborne spores or debris.

Step Three: Clean
Once containment is set up, we thoroughly clean hard surfaces to remove the mold. Our technicians are equipped with powerful HEPA vacuums and professional cleaning equipment to remove the mold and clean the area.

Step Four: Dry
Thorough drying helps prevent mold from establishing new colonies. Using air movers too early in the process can help spread spores. Our IICRC certified technicians know the best equipment to use, and when, to dry out affected areas and give you the best chance of keeping the mold problem under control.

If you have mold damage, let SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties assist you. Call (479) 787-7377 and we can take all the necessary steps to cleanup or discard contaminated items.

Leaks in a Bella Vista Kitchen Can Cause Mold Growth

12/30/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Leaks in a Bella Vista Kitchen Can Cause Mold Growth Kitchen Leaks Can Lead to Mold Damage in Your Bella Vista Home

Trust SERVPRO for Mold Remediation to Your Home

It is easy to see some plumbing leaks, such as ones which develop on the bathroom floor near the toilet or in and around the faucet. However, other leaks are not as easily recognizable. A place which can be harder to find a leak is under your kitchen sink. This hidden moisture can be very problematic and can cause a lot of problems and damage, such as mold.

Since under the kitchen sink is often used as a storage area, a water leak and mold damage can stay hidden behind several different household items. Mold in your Bella Vista kitchen can become severe if you miss the signs. Many times, when you see a leak under your sink, there is already some amount of water damage to the cabinet, including mold. This will take the professional care of a team such as the one at SERVPRO.

Leaks can come from a lot of different plumbing components underneath your sink, which include:
Handheld Sprayer – Leaks may develop on the water lines for handheld sprayers which are attached to your sink. If the leak is down far enough, water will drip underneath into the cabinet. The dormant mold spores now have an opportunity to grow and expand into colonies of fungi.

Water Supply Lines and Valves – These items are under pressure all the time. If a connection is loose or a water line has been punctured, water will leak under the sink, even when the faucet is off.

P-trap – If this is clogged, it can cause water to build up all the way to your drains and make a leak somewhere along the way. When you discover mold due to this problem or others, call the SERVPRO professionals for help. The detection of mold through sight or smell (that musty odor) calls for immediate action. Do not wait.

Drain Pipes – If the drain pipes under your kitchen sink are made of metal like copper, brass or galvanized steel, they may corrode over time, and a leak can develop. Connections in the drain pipes can become loose as well and start a slow drip, no matter what their constructed material.

Since leaks under your kitchen sink can be quite problematic and create a mold problem, you should occasionally inspect the cabinet for any signs of damage from water. Take anything out that is stored in the cabinet so you can find any hidden leaks. In the case of mold proliferation in other parts of your home, we can utilize air scrubbers, and containment protocols to inhibit cross-contamination by the mold spores.

If you do see a leak, turn your water supply off right away and contact our professionals at SERVPRO of Benton/Carroll Counties. Mold can grow in just a couple of days once a leak starts, so contact us quickly by dialing (479) 787-7377. We will use our professional dryers and disinfectants to remediate your mold problem as soon as possible.