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How Our Experts Can Save Your Bentonville Property After A Disaster

7/30/2019 (Permalink)

Call (479) 787-7377 24/7. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Our Integrated Approach Is Why SERVPRO Comes Highly Recommended For Bentonville Disaster Recovery

Professionalism plus a plan for every possibility, all delivered with care and compassion, is why Bentonville customers turn to us for their water, fire, mold, and storm damage challenges. Homeowners confronted with the turmoil of a severe loss need emotional support as they process during the aftermath of a disaster. Our team, management, and work crews commit to providing the highest quality mitigation and remediation services with respect and transparent communication every step of the way.

Water Damage
As it is one of our core services, you can expect our response to water damage in your Bentonville home to be rapid and successful. Our managers and technicians master the water mitigation and remediation industry’s best practices through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification coursework. We move beyond this theoretical foundation to its practical application during each water recovery project, integrating that experience going forward for the benefit of our valued customers.

State-of-the-art equipment compliments SERVPRO’s highly-qualified crews. We stock our service vehicles with submersible pumps and wanded extractors to speed water removal efforts. Because we frequently respond to water damage emergencies where electricity is temporarily offline, our equipment operates with alternative power sources, including gas motors and onboard generators.

Our Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) are skilled in using advanced water and moisture detection technology. We trace the path water took from the initial leak or flood, knowing it migrates into building cavities and absorbs into porous building materials. If we do not find and remove standing water and reduce the moisture content of building materials to normal levels, you risk progressive damage to your home’s structural integrity and the threat of mold growth and damage.

Once water removal completes the focus switches to applied structural drying. Our crew seamlessly puts a drying plan into action, using data gathered during moisture readings. Powerful air movers and heaters roll off our trucks, positioned by our employees for optimal evaporative effect. As water leaves the soaked materials dehumidifiers collect the vapor, condensing or absorbing it for disposal.

Fire Damage
A fire damage scenario in Bentonville needs all hands on deck to resolve. Every home fire is unique, and our experienced assessors and Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) acknowledge that fact and proceed accordingly. The trend among our employees is to hold multiple certifications from the IICRC. Multitasking is fundamental to our rapid and reliable mitigation and remediation actions because a fire scene can require a vast number of professional interventions to reach preloss condition.

SERVPRO crews arrive ready for anything, including the water removal that is nearly always needed after a fire. The water in a fire-damaged home is contaminated, and we are qualified to categorize, contain, and dispose of it according to local rules. While the water evacuation is in process, other crew members assemble the tools and products for effective soot removal. Soot varies in its consistency and tendency to smear or remain tightly adhered to surfaces. Our employees match cleaners and methods to rid your home of the residues safely and completely.

To improve air quality and as a first attempt to remove malodors, we use HEPA-filtered air scrubbing technology. We can partition a home during remediation using this approach, allowing you and your family to live in unaffected spaces protected from debris and residue drift while we work. Fire residues are highly toxic, so we take every precaution to shield you and your loved ones from their effects during the fire damage mitigation and remediation.

Mold Remediation
Mold damage in Bentonville can cause frustration and concern. Many homeowners feel unprepared to manage a mold infestation. We offer assistance in removing active colonies and recommending practices that can help you avoid significant mold problems in the future. No reputable technique exists that results in mold elimination because spores are everywhere in the environment. It is critical to learn how to minimize the risk of regrowth.

SERVPRO follows the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocol when performing mold remediation. Once we determine the extent of the fungal damage, we contain the work area. Heavy-duty plastic sheeting defines the space, and then we typically add a negative pressure air scrubber to seal the perimeter. The air scrubber also filters contaminants and exhausts to the outdoors, keeping unaffected spaces in your home free of moldy debris. We scrape and brush the mold off solid surfaces and can save some porous materials as well by using a soda blasting technique.

After vacuuming and treating the affected areas with an EPA-registered antimicrobial, we bag the moldy materials and disposed of them according to local rules. We work with you to determine the location of the leak or other sources of water that fueled the mold growth initially.

Storm Damage
Summer storms can be a mixed bag of wind, fire, and flood damage in Bentonville. The highly charged atmosphere that breeds violent storms means the trajectory of a system can change, catching residents by surprise when a beautiful day transforms into a howling tempest. Exteriors of homes suffer, with roofs ripped off and trees crashing into windows and siding. Vast quantities of rain pour inside. As the thunder rumbles, lightning can strike, knocking out power and setting structures alight.

Given the potential for a complicated recovery after storm damage, it is crucial to involve an experienced and highly-skilled contractor during the aftermath. Responders must be proficient in water and fire damage mitigation and remediation, and vigilant about guarding against collateral mold damage. SERVPRO invests in the qualified workforce and state-of-the-art equipment needed to assess, plan, and implement a detailed and integrated set of tasks, coordinating efforts towards making it “Like it never even happened.”

A pack-out of furniture and belongings often occurs during a storm damage project. We use SERVPRO’s Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) to track and document the items’ conditions and restoration plans and outcomes. Our team prioritizes collaboration with you and your carrier during every phase of the storm damage remediation. We cannot help you avoid the destruction of a tropical storm or downburst, but we stand with you during recovery and insurance claim submissions.

Disasters are unpredictable and overwhelming for homeowners, but this is why SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties is there to help no matter how severe the damage or complex the recovery. Call (479) 787-7377 24/7. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Stormy Days and Nights Can Cause Flood Damage to Your Rogers Home

3/20/2019 (Permalink)

If your home experiences flood damage of any size after a storm, call SERVPRO to extract the water and restore your home.

Professional and Thorough Flood Damage Restoration Services

Weather comes with many surprises and not all bring pleasant clear blue skies to Rogers. Some can create beautiful days that turn stormy and full of lightning strikes, raining down on our heads. Hail can happen, also, and destroy or damage anything fragile hit by any of the ice hurling toward the ground.

Property owners in Rogers can find their residence with flood damage during one of these storms and in need of professionals who can skillfully remediate the damaged areas. At SERVPRO, we have the tools and equipment required, ensuring that no job is too complicated nor too mundane for us. Even slight flooding needs proper care to prevent further problems from developing.

When basements or crawl spaces flood, pump trucks effortlessly remove the excess water. As we reduce the amount of water in your home, we begin cleaning and sanitizing the surfaces of all loose items. We also take bedding and other textiles outdoors to air out from any encased moisture due to elevated humidity levels.

Once water extraction efforts are complete, we can then begin working on preventing problems involving microbial growth. Mold starts to grow in high-moisture areas in a short time – 48 to 72 hours can show significant spikes in mold populations in an enclosed area. Application of a growth inhibitor can save your property from this secondary kind of damage. This inhibitor is highly effective but also safe, once dry, around children and pets, so there is no reason to worry.

Other microscopic particulates produced when flood damage occurs within a home can cause problematic odors. These odors can linger and become more pronounced during elevated temperatures. Our Odor Control Technician (OCT) is highly skilled in the latest techniques that eliminate odors instead of masking them. Eliminating these smells prevents them from recurring.

SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties wants to assist our local families whenever there is a problem with flood damage involving their home. Keeping family homes intact and safe keeps our community vibrant and healthy. Our customers are our neighbors and highly valuable to us as individuals and as a company. We can be reached at any time, day or night, every day of the year. Contact us at (479) 787-7377 for assistance with any catastrophe.

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Mold Remediation Services Available Throughout the Bentonville Area

3/20/2019 (Permalink)

Wherever it is hiding, mold will be found by our trained technicians. Contact us before a small patch turns into a full blown infestation.

Professional Tools Can Get the Mold Problem in Your Home Under Control Fast

Everyone already understands that mold can cause severe problems in your home. We also understand that your indoor living environment, your belongings, and the health of your family are at risk when you choose to ignore mold problems developing in your home. 
Getting professional help to address mold damage conditions on your Bentonville area property can make your recovery faster and help you protect your family, better. Most companies also help you communicate problems to your insurance company, giving you access to more solutions and better quality support. Even if you think you can handle your mold problems alone, having a professional take a look does not hurt. 
SERVPRO follows EPA mold remediation guidelines to remediate mold issues, helping you clean and dry, materials, items, and surfaces within 48-hours that reduce your family's exposure to harmful bacteria and germs. These guidelines provide technicians standards and procedures to follow that promote providing practical answers to mold remediation projects, both big and small. 
SERVPRO technicians make each job as clean, healthy, and safe as possible, protecting customers and workers from exposure. Maintaining this type of environment prevents disturbing mold during cleanup, spreading contamination to additional areas of your building and reduces possible health and safety issues throughout the entire remediation process. 
Your SERVPRO team uses a variety of control and containment procedures to keep mold exposure found in your home under control. Negative-airflow machines, moisture detectors, and advanced cleaning methods all work together to provide you with the quality solutions you deserve.  
None of this could be possible without locating and repairing the source of contamination, first. We provide you with a full-service solution to mold, water, and repairs necessary to return your home to a quality pre-damage condition. Getting mold growth in your home under control means helping you understand how these issues begin and showing you how to prevent similar problems in the future. 
Contact SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties to obtain professional mold remediation services in your home, today. Never accept anything other than quality, precision work when it comes to maintaining a healthy home. (479) 787-7377 

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If Mold Has Taken Over Your Apartment In Bentonville, Call Our Professionals!

3/14/2019 (Permalink)

“Like it never even happened.”

Highly Trained Mold Remediators For Your Bentonville Apartment

There is a considerable volume of misinformation about threats like mold growth on the internet, so when this situation arises in your Bentonville apartment, you can become misled into what must happen to restore it. There are many so-called “mold removal” strategies that can get found with search engine queries, but with thousands of species of mold that could affect your home, the elimination of active colonies is not a universal approach that works for every situation. You need professionals with extensive training and years of expertise in mold remediation to restore your apartment.

The discovery of mold damage in your Bentonville residence can be alarming, but with the right response from trained professionals like ours, it is not a situation that has to get out of control. Our SERVPRO professionals keep a production truck stocked with remediation equipment, drying tools, and other gear necessary to not only remove the active colonization in your apartment but to also to prepare the affected areas for restoration and necessary rebuilding.

Our commitment to your property begins with the extensive training that our professionals undertake to obtain their IICRC certifications as mold remediation technicians AMRT. In addition to their training to obtain this reputable accreditation for the industry, our team members also continually undertake educational opportunities in the field to remain knowledgeable of the changing patterns in remediation and its equipment to provide effective and efficient service to every customer.

We work to not only remove the active colonization from your apartment, but also to work to determine the cause of the damage to prevent the situation from reoccurring in the immediate future. We can suggest to our customers the repairs or changes needed to reduce moisture levels in your apartment or encourage the continued use of an installed dehumidification machine to regulate humidity.

While the internet might be full of “mold removal” strategies, our SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties remediation technicians have real knowledge and experience to handle these damages as they occur. Give us a call anytime at (479) 787-7377.

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Discover Secrets For Water Damage Remediation After Damage in Your Rogers Home

12/30/2018 (Permalink)

Regardless of the way in which water damage affected your home, calling SERVPRO is the most effective method to mitigate the situation.

Why SERVPRO Is The First Call For Water Removal In Rogers

Removing water from your Rogers property might seem like something within your ability to do yourself. Armed with a mop and bucket or a wet/dry vacuum, some homeowners might believe they can locate and rid their home of all excess water from a leak, a backup, an overflow, or an appliance malfunction. Whether the reasoning is to save money, avoid a wait, or take personal responsibility, failing to engage our professional services usually is a misinformed choice.

Water removal for your Rogers home can be quite a bit more complicated than expected. Depending on the source of the water in your home, you might contend with some severe contamination risks. Dangerous bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens thrive in overland flood waters or sewage from a waste pipe back up. Our professional water removal technicians prepare to contain and dispose of gray and black water appropriately and according to local regulations.

Proper handling of toxic substances is one reason why SERVPRO technicians deliver preferred results when you need water removal. Thorough scanning for hidden pockets of water and moisture monitoring are also essential services we make available during any water removal project we accept. Small amounts of water that remain saturated within structural components can become big problems. Moisture continues the progressive deterioration of building materials such as drywall, ceiling tiles, wooden and metal framing, and more. If more than 24 to 48 hours pass without eliminating the moisture, mold growth and damage is a real possibility.

The commercial capacity of our pumps and water extractors are further proof of why SERVPRO is worth the hire. Water removal needs to happen fast, so we have multiples of each type of equipment on our service trucks. Our technicians properly position and operate these powerful tools to eradicate the water swiftly, many hands making short work. Once the visible and trapped water is gone our crews switch out removal for drying equipment, high-efficiency air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers bringing moisture measures back to normal levels.  

Once you enjoy the professionalism and efficiency of our water removal services, you will know why SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties needs to be on your speed dial. Call us at (479) 787-7377 when you need a reliable partner to remove water from your home fast.
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If A Flood Has Damaged Your Home In Bella Vista, We Are The Team To Call!

11/19/2018 (Permalink)

Heavy rains and late autumn storms can challenge even a well-structured home in Bella Vista.

Why SERVPRO Gets The Call For Flood Damage In Bella Vista

Heavy rains and late autumn storms can challenge even a well-structured home in Bella Vista. If several days of rain saturate the ground, water can seep in through the walls of the foundation or invade the crawl space. Torrential microbursts can result in flash flooding. A windstorm can send tree limbs to tear off shingles or abrade siding, allowing rainwater inside. Our crews can answer you call for help.

Homeowners find many tasks need completion when flood damage occurs in Bella Vista, which is why SERVPRO gets the call. A full-service restoration service is needed for all aspects of recovery from the flooding. We offer efficient water removal, even when the power is knocked out by the storm. Our service vehicles feature truck-mounted water extractors and gas powered submersible pumps, taking care of business long before the electricity is back on.

Our IICRC-certified technicians are experts in moisture metering, following water migration and locating hidden cavities filled with flood waters. We commit to removing all standing water and establishing drying goals using moisture metered baselines. This adherence to best restoration practices is why SERVPRO leads in flood damage restoration.

Structural drying follows water removal, and our technicians are experts in positioning air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers for the best outcome. It is crucial that moisture levels return to normal fast, as mold growth can begin as soon as one to two days after the water event. One overlooked reason, why SERVPRO is the preferred company when you have flood damage, is our ability to board up and tarp roof and siding breaches before any other work begins. This prevents new sources of moisture from encouraging microbial growth or from worsening the existing flood damage.

Treatment with EPA registered antimicrobials also minimizes secondary damage and ensures success as our crews move into repairs and final restoration. A streamlined process from remediation through restoration is why SERVPRO delivers a comprehensive recovery effort to customers suffering from flood damage.

SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties is a reliable solution to the many layers of destruction storms can bring to residents. Call (479) 787-7377 with confidence 24/7.

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Why Siloam Springs Property Owners rely on SERVPRO for Mold Remediation

10/29/2018 (Permalink)

Mold and Water Cleanup and Remediation in Siloam Springs--Why SERVPRO-The Photo Depicts the Effort

Restoring Indoor Air Quality After Mold Attacks Your Siloam Springs Home

A troublesome aspect of disasters and unexpected occurrences within your Siloam Springs home is how little homeowners get prepared for all of the potential adverse effects. Even with something that seems on the simpler side of cleanup and restoration, such as mold growth, the widespread consequences and conditions present in your home not only require some understanding to keep the occupants of the property safe but also our skilled technicians.

With mold damages, many Siloam Springs homeowners do not see the situation as of considerable risk. Many get misguided into a belief that inaction allows the organism to die off naturally without much incident. A particularly threatening effect of mold growth in your home is mold spores circulating throughout the affected environment and colonizing new areas of the structure. Often a pervasive odor from an active infestation generates poor indoor air quality.

Our SERVPRO technicians have industry-leading equipment specifically designed to help improve the indoor air quality IAQ when mold damage has affected materials and areas of your home. Among the chief pieces of equipment used by our professionals, air scrubbers play a significant role in improving the environment following the growth of mold spreading throughout regions of your residence.

The role of air scrubbers in your home is to catch particulates and mold spores as small as .3 microns traveling throughout the environment. Not only can this HEPA filtration equipment help our SERVPRO remediation technicians isolate the affected area and prevent further spread of the organism, but it also works to clear the pungent odors with additional activated carbon filters. When called for, we can prepare the treated area for post-testing by a third party. For those who wish a complete remediation service, with no surprises down the line, Why SERVPRO is the answer.

When the sharp odor is particularly stringent, we can set up hydroxyl generators or thermal foggers. These tools break up odor molecules and neutralize them on contact. This gear is also beneficial for smoke remediation work. There are many reasons Why SERVPRO is the solution provider to a secure home environment.

Finding mold growth in your home is a situation that requires immediate attention from trained applied microbial remediation specialists AMRT that are IICRC certified. Fungal growth not only presents a risk to structural materials but can also cause health effects to the occupants. Give our SERVPRO of Benton / Carroll Counties team a call today at (479) 787-7377 for a safer home.

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